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Tech Deck for Small Business

Inbound Marketing | | 10 minute read

Small business owners are some of the most resourceful people you will meet. Turning that little bit of anything into something special is what has made small business owners who they are for all of these years. They know how to squeeze out the most, but even the savviest small business owners know that a little help goes a long way.  

When looking to the future of owning a small business, there are a plethora of tools that can come to assistance to organize, plan and develop your business into increasing productivity. These are the must-have marketing tools for small business owners. 




Track inbound calls by source and much more with CallRail

If you are using phone calls and web forms to help your marketing efforts (lets face it, who isn’t), then CallRail is going to be a must-have. CallRail is designed to provide call-tracking metrics and analyze phone calls and web forms.  

Their visitor and keyword call-tracking features assign a specific number to potential consumers who visited your website from a specific landing page or keyword. This can help you organize, and analyze where calls came from, and which landing pages are most successful. Form tracking is a similar feature that will add a line of code to each form, to help you measure which channel, campaign, ad or keywords are performing the most submissions.  

CallRail is straightforward and easy to use for businesses of all sizes. It comes with a two-week free trial as well.  



Take internal communication to the next level with Slack

Whether you have a small team, or a business with 100s of workers, communication is going to be the most important part of keeping everyone on the same page. Slack makes messaging with your team simple, no matter the size or location of your team. What is slack? 

Slack is a form of direct messaging that will be exclusive to your team. Slack is free to downloadWhen you install Slack, you can create specific messaging channels, where all conversation on a certain subject or client will belong. Only members of the specific channel can see and respond to these messages.  

Creating multiple channels, and organizing your team into these channels can help keep your team on the same page with an understanding of the task at hand. Messages stay in each channel to be referred to at any time.  

With individual direct messaging, video calls, status updates, and integrations such as Microsoft and Google, organization and communication has never been easier.  



Dramatically improve your project management and efficiency with ASANA

Asana is essential for project management. Assign tasks, map out goals and manage your team in one space with Asana. Asana provides that software to help businesses create projects, and task lists, then assign them to your team with due dates.  

They have calendar views, to see big picture tasks and the plan at-large. Asana also has team objectives where you can break up workers or clients into their own project. Team projects and tasks will be organized together, and separate from an individual's projects and tasks.  

With over 100 different integrations such as slack, email, or files, being able to manage and organize your individual, team, and clients tasks has never been easier. 



Get virtually connected face to face with GoToMeeting

Communication via Slack can be helpful for sending quick messages, or reminders on specific projects. However, there is still a need for video-messaging, which is why GoToMeeting is an app any small business owner must download 

GoToMeeting can set-up one-on-one video calls to discuss personal or sensitive topics. Collaboration tools are included to setup a conference room atmosphere for video conferencing. This is pivotal for group meetings and demonstrations. The webinar feature also allows you to broadcast to up to 3,000 participants.  

Video calls can be recorded, and watched later, GoToMeeting can be used on mobile devices, and a screen sharing feature lets any user take control of the meeting. Check out all of the features and more with their 14-day free trial. 



Quickly share information via video (including screen recordings) with Vidyard

When you cannot quite schedule the face-to-face time, but want to keep the human element involved in your work culture, Vidyard is a perfect video management solution.  

With the feature to record yourself, and your screen, you can create personal or team-wide videos that can be shared via e-mail, social, or any other sharing platform.  

Quick updates can be assigned with simple explainer videos. Personal introductions can be made with freelancers in different time zones. Product demos, sales calls, team check-ins, video e-mails and company announcements are just some the ways that you can leverage Vidyard for business.  

Vidyard is free to sign up, and one of the best features is that Vidyard integrates with HubSpot.  



Grow your business better with the HubSpot Growth Platform

HubSpot is such a versatile, and expansive platform that it can take any business to the next level. HubSpot has tools for content managementsocial and email marketing, SEO, landing pages, customer support and so much more. 

As its backbone, HubSpot has a CRM service that makes contact organization much more practical. Contact insights and segmented lists can be created.  

HubSpot has a Marketing Hub designed to attract customers with tailored content, ads, and campaigns. Lead generation, marketing automation and analytics to report on what is working are included as well 

Their Sales hub is everything a small business could need to personalize sales. Email tracking and automation as well as meeting scheduling and other time-saving tools are found.  

Lastly is the HubSpot service hub which helps you engage with customers, exceed their expectations and grow them into full-blown promoters of your business. With tickets, customer feedback and an established knowledge base, all of this is possible.  

If you are interested in HubSpot, their free CRM will give you the introduction you need to see if this software is right for your business.  

No matter the size, scope or objectives of your business, there is always room for more organization, easier communication, and increased productivity. Adding the software and technology mentioned can go a long way in making your day-to-day work schedule much easier.  

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