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Virtual CMO Services 

 Add an Experienced Marketing Strategist to Your Team 

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer  

PIC’s Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO) service provides high-end strategic marketing expertise to growth-oriented companies that lack senior growth marketing leadership. While the role is outsourced, PIC’s vCMO functions as part of your core leadership and marketing teams. 


Benefits of a Virtual CMO Service: 

  • Delivers an engaged and experienced marketing professional who provides strategic advice and leadership

  • Facilitates the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan to help you meet growth objectives 

  • Provides a mentor who will transfer knowledge by working as a part of your core leadership and marketing teams 

  • Brings years of marketing experience to help guide your business to the most appropriate marketing channels, best practices, and technologies for its marketing mix 

  • Is cost-effective compared to a full-time CMO, incurring only a contracted flat rate without the overhead costs of employment 

Our vCMO service provides you with marketing leadership from a professional with seasoned expertise in branding and marketing strategies. The vCMO facilitates the design and execution of a comprehensive marketing effort, a plan that is aligned with your vision and growth objectives. 

When you turn to PIC for strategic marketing planning and execution, you will benefit from a fresh perspective that is based on a foundation of experienced leadership. Our vCMO service is a flexible alternative to a full-time executive leader, a service that delivers knowledge, expertise, and guidance, while saving you time and money. 

Reasons to Hire a vCMO



A vCMO is a marketing leader with experience across digital marketing, content strategy, lead generation, analytics, sales alignment, and customer advocacy.



A vCMO will have a network of marketing specialists and professional resources to help develop and execute an effective marketing strategy.



Relying on "random acts of marketing" that aren't coordinated with sales initiatives is not an effective strategy. A vCMO can lead the iniciative to align marketing and sales teams.



Finding the "right" marketing leader can be dificult. a vCMO will deliver proven, experienced leadership inmediately and can be a valuable mentor for a full-time CMO, if hired.



By being removed from most of the daily workplace chaos, the vCMO will focus solely on your growth strategy.



A vCMO offers the opportunity to obtain a fresh, unbiased perspective of your company, your team, and your ideas.

Cost Eficiency

Cost Eficiency

The cost of a vCMO is typically 20-70% less than hiring an in-house CMO.

vCMO Services 

PIC’s vCMO will be able to assist your organization through a range of service categories: 

  • Branding Strategy—Establish a brand that connects with your customers’ needs and emotions, while forming a competitive advantage 

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy—Build creative, effective strategies that engage with your client’s ideal customers (Heroes), align Marketing and Sales, and meet or exceed growth objectives 

  • Technology Requirements—Select and implement a technology stack that facilitates streamlined, automated processes, comprehensive data tracking, and timely, informative analytics 

  • Team Structure—Build a team structure that places the right people in the right seats, building a solid foundation for growth and delivering quality customer service 

  • Revenue Generation—Develop a service operation and a pricing model that meet revenue and profit objectives and encourage client retention and upsells 

The Virtual CMO Service will, for the most part, be delivered remotely. That said, where beneficial and feasible, the vCMO may spend time at your business. Most on-site time is likely to occur during the on-boarding process, enabling the vCMO to meet your team and experience your culture and work environment firsthand. 


The Virtual CMO Service Process 

PIC’s vCMO will operate as part of your team, working hard to understand your business and strategize around its unique needs. 

At a high level, the vCMO service will consist of three primary steps: 


Deep dive interview
Get a full lay of the land of where your business stands, its history, its KPIs, and its vision; gathering intelligence to develop a strategy that is effective, affordable, and creates the foundation for long-term success.  


Branding, Hero/Mission & Marketing Plan Workshops Assemble the information needed to build your brand and implement a marketing plan that addresses known or identified issues and delivers results that are in line with your business’s objectives. 


Evaluate & Adjust
Establish and monitor KPIs that will enable the vCMO and client leadership to evaluate performance and adjust as needed to continuously improve. 

PIC’s vCMO will establish and manage goals and benchmark KPIs. From these, the vCMO will help to execute coordinated strategies, processes, and techniques to accomplish your goals, without media channel bias and always in your best interest. 

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