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Content Development & Copywriting Services

Create valuable content that generates traffic, engagement, and leads.

Why Your Content Should be Intentional

Today’s consumer isn’t always searching for your product or service. They are searching for solutions to the problems they are facing. If you aren’t helping your audience before they purchase, you’re missing out on valuable prospects and leads. From blog posts and case studies to downloadable offers such as guides and checklists, developing content unique to your audience’s needs will help nurture them through the buyer’s journey while proving your expertise and authority.

Content Development & Copywriting

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Before you press “Go” on your next marketing campaign, use our Inbound Marketing Checklist to ensure the project allows for measurable results and a connected experience for potential customers.

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Content Strategies Targeting the Modern Consumer

A single page on your website can only rank for a limited number of keywords, and many businesses (as well as digital marketers) lose sight of what their audience wants when chasing rankings. Well-planned, versatile content strategies not only correct this focus, but lead to better yielding results when it comes to lead generation and sales.

Developing a successful content marketing strategy is paramount to attracting and nurturing prospective customers and clients, but the question remains, what kind of content should be developed?

The team at PIC works with clients to define their target audience, determine what’s valuable to them, and then pinpoint the content types and topics that will put you in front of your prospects when they are searching Google.


Strategic Content Development Components

PIC has the expertise to devise targeted content strategies for clients while having the additional ability to produce the copy and designs for industry-specific content. Our content development services encompass all of the areas below.

SEO Copywriting

SEO is the first thing to consider when creating content to be found via search engines. Without a focus on the correct keywords and user queries, the chances that a piece of content gets found organically is near zero. Our content services start with learning about your business, product/services, and customers. From there we can create content for target keyword phrases that your audience is actively searching on Google. This content usually takes the shape of a blog post, downloadable guide, or website page.
SEO Copywriting
Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the most important content types that can be created for your website. A blog post should address a specific need or problem that your audience is actively trying to solve by searching online. Many times, this is a problem that they are experiencing which your products or services can help. By researching (or already knowing) what your audience is searching for, we can create blog posts that provide resourceful and valuable information to help solve your audience’s problem.

Guides & Downloadable Content

Creating downloadable content is crucial to obtain leads that you can nurture into paying customers. The goal of offering downloadable content is to get something from a website user. This is usually a name and email address but could be any information needed to qualify a customer.

The keys to any downloadable content are quality and value.

1. Quality – The design and layout of the content is pleasing to the reader and includes graphics, images, charts and other design elements.

2. Value – Downloadables must be packed with valuable and actionable information that helps the user overcome a problem they are having, or it helps them decide on a direction to go with a decision.

The content provided in a downloadable can take various forms, depending on what exactly you are trying to accomplish and the lead’s stage in their buyer’s journey. PIC combines the skills of our copywriting and design teams to create downloadable content for our clients.

The Buyer’s Journey & Content

buyers journey content

Landing Pages

Whether it is a simple landing page for a downloadable or a page explaining a specific feature of a product or service, landing pages are website pages that are specifically designed for lead capture. They include a brief description of what’s being offered, a nice image, and a form to fill out.

Email Newsletter & Blast Content

No marketing strategy is complete without email marketing, whether it makes use of newsletters, email blasts, or automated workflows. At the very least, a regular email newsletter is a great way for your business to stay top of mind with leads, customers, and clients. The key here is providing value in the newsletter that encourages subscriber engagement.

Blast emails are more of a one-off email approach to hit targeted segments of users with an offer or relevant, useful information. For larger marketing campaigns that require multiple emails, an automated email workflow may be preferred. These email workflows are triggered by actions users take, such as filling out a form or making a purchase, and automatically send them emails at designated intervals.

PIC leverages its copywriting, email marketing, and design teams to craft engaging, effective emails for clients.
Email Newsletter & Blast Content

Content Marketing

By creating an SEO-friendly page, your content can rank in Google search results and attract free traffic from a variety of search engines. However, there are other ways to maximize the reach of your content.

SEM Campaigns:  For content like landing pages, buying traffic via Google Ads or Bing Ads can provide instant traffic that converts into leads.

Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging multiple social media platforms to target your audience with a unique social posts and ad campaigns provide us with another traffic source to market your content.

Content Marketing
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