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Account-Based Marketing Agency

Lead Generation Strategies that Align Marketing and Sales

What is Account-Based Marketing

Complementary to inbound marketing, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a focused, proactive strategy for identifying and establishing relationships with your high-value customers. ABM uses personalized campaigns and tailored marketing messages—based on your ideal customer profile, your Heroes, and their Missions—to engage with targeted accounts and address their specific needs, pain points, and interests.  

Ideal for selling into large accounts with long sales cycles and multi-person buying committees, ABM can be employed to secure new customers, generate upsells, and facilitate cross-selling.

  • Marketing converts strangers into leads
  • Sales converts leads into customers
  • Service converts customers into promoters

What is included in an ABM Campaign?

ABM is much more targeted than traditional outbound marketing, which typically meant purchasing a large list of email addresses and blasting a series of emails, hoping that 1-2% of them sparked a positive reaction.  

The key to a successful ABM program is highly personalized outreach. PIC starts the implementation process by working with your leadership, marketing, and sales teams create an ideal customer profile. We then establish a coordinated process for identifying contacts at organizations matching that profile and implement a targeted go-to-market plan based on our innovative Hero Mission Strategy™.  


Steps to Implementing Account-Based Marketing

  1. Define your ideal customer profile (ICP): For what type of organization is your solution best suited? Think about the customers you acquired last year and identify the one deal you would most like to duplicate. What are the traits that make that customer ideal for your business? 

  2. Identify high-value targets: Work with your sales team to identify the accounts that have the most potential for revenue growth and long-term business partnerships. These should be accounts that fit your ideal customer profile, have a strong need for your product or service, and align with your company's values and mission.  

  3. Research your target accounts and collaborate with your sales team: What is the buying process, and what job titles—decision-makers and influencers—are involved? Document the mission for each role, each person’s unique pain points, and the obstacles they face along the way.  

  4. Develop and initiate personalized outreach: Once you have identified your target accounts, develop a personalized marketing plan for each account. This should include specific messaging and content that addresses the account's unique needs and pain points. Use a variety of marketing channels and tactics, including sales calls, ads, custom web pages, content, and other digital assets that speak directly to your targets’ buying committee members. 

  5. Measure and improve: Track your activities in a CRM or CMS (like HubSpot) so you can visualize campaign performance and make informed decisions to improve initiatives or messaging that is underperforming. Measure key metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated. 

  6. Maintain a long-term focus: ABM is a long-term strategy that requires ongoing effort and collaboration. Focus on building strong relationships with your target accounts and delivering value over time. This will help you to create long-term business partnerships and drive revenue growth for your company. 

ABM is efficient and effective because it aligns Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success on a common objective, enabling them to jointly identify, reach out to, and engage with targeted accounts. With ABM, you will realize shorter sales cycles, and resources will be applied more efficiently. And due to their focused approach, ABM initiatives are more easily measured, evaluated, and improved, and deliver a better ROI than traditional outbound marketing. 

The PIC team is ready to help you build an account-based marketing roadmap and establish a program that delivers positive results quickly and is built to last. Schedule a meeting to learn how we can help your business grow by overcoming the challenges of quality lead generation


ABM is typically a cross-functional effort that fosters the coordination of multiple disciplines, including marketing and sales, content and digital asset creation, social media, SEO and paid advertising, tech stack integration, and data analysis.

The process includes researching and analyzing the account's business objectives, identifying decision-makers and influencers, and developing tailored messaging and content. 


Five Walk With You Marketing Pillars

The five pillars of our “Walk With You” marketing approach allow services to be based on your goals, your timeline, and your budget.

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