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Marketing Plan Development 

Establish a blueprint for promoting your brand and growing your business. 

Why You Should Start with a Marketing Plan 

A marketing plan is your roadmap for executing and evaluating your marketing strategy. The plan communicates your mission, describes your ideal customer profile(s), evaluates where your business is today, documents goals and KPIs, establishes marketing messaging, channels, and tactics, and details your marketing schedule and budget.  

Marketing Plan Development

Plan to Succeed 

Without a marketing plan, campaigns are based on guesswork and chasing “the next big idea,” and Sales operates in the dark, not knowing what Marketing is doing next. Creating and communicating a marketing will help to align your teams. You’ll know which campaigns worked to generate quality sales leads from your target markets and establish an informed baseline for continuous improvement. 


The PIC team applies our decades of experience to create a marketing plan that will help you:

  • Understand your business and the markets you serve​
  • Know and grow your ideal audience​
  • Successfully launch new products​
  • Promote your business to customers who need your solution 

Build a Foundation for Growth 

Just as a business plan is important for starting and managing a business, a marketing plan is the foundation for business growth. PIC helps businesses create and implement marketing plans that are designed to achieve growth goals at the pace the business desires. 


Where We Are

What solutions do you provide, and who buys them? How is your company perceived—internally and externally? What is your company culture? What’s the competitive landscape? 
These questions, and more, are the first topics addressed in a PIC-produced marketing plan. We will seek to truly understand your business, your team, your competitors, and your vision for the future.  functionality.


How We’re Doing

Establishing the appropriate KPIs are critical to evaluating marketing performance. The PIC team will review existing KPIs and how you performed against them. We’ll ask why you chose the KPIs, discuss their relevance to your growth goals, and if appropriate, propose new or additional KPIs.  
Of course, we’ll also set up process for gathering and communicating the data we need to see what initiatives are working and where change is warranted. 


Where We’re Heading 

After we’ve documented where you are, where you want to go, and how fast you’d like to get there, we’ll create a plan to make it happen. 
We consider all appropriate marketing channels, develop appropriate messaging for each of your ideal customer profiles, establish a marketing calendar, and set a budget. Then, when all are in agreement, you can implement the plan on your own or continue to work with PIC for plan execution. 

More than just great websites.
Marketing strategies for growth.

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