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Pay Per Click Management


Drive Immediate Traffic to your Website

The product is there.  The customers are there.  The goal is to match the product to the customers and it can be done very easily with an effective Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign.  Pay Per Click through common providers such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads can be an extremely effective tool at delivering immediate lead generation and revenue.

PPC Campaigns can be quicksand in the wrong hands


Do it incorrectly, and PPC advertising will burn you. Do it right, and it can be your best friend.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising seems simple enough in theory, but hundreds of companies have had this same thought and found themselves in seriously hot water. Inexperience in PPC advertising usually ends with the same result – tons of money spent and nothing to show for it. You can quickly spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a single day and find yourself throwing more money at it in hopes of digging yourself out of the hole.

Don’t waste money. With hundreds of successful campaigns under our belt, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting experts will setup, manage, and deliver real results and good ROI through multiple PPC avenues.


The PPC Experts at Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can:

• Develop an overall Pay Per Click strategy for your company

• Develop specific PPC landing pages to help drive conversions

• Establish measurable campaign GOALs

 Drive the right audience through researching effective keywords and negative keywords

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