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Link Building is Truly Link Earning


Quality inbound links are a crucial element to the success of marketing your website and achieving SEO results. Search engines work on the premise that every link directed to your site is an endorsement of your website. Our consulting on inbound link building is focused on teaching you how to earn links online and helping insure that your company earns them.  We handle the SEO basics of traditional link building. Then we teach you how to do online public relations and earn a solid reputation online.  Your consultant walks you through this for the life of your website.

The search engines are trying to measure naturally occuring inbound links.  So the best way to increase your site's link popularity is to do it the hard way.  This means go out and earn links pointing to your website.  The first and most important way to build links is to run a great business and have a useful website.  If you run your business well, you will earn quality links over time.  The next link earning technique is through content development.  Build up the quality information on your site, and you will gain links.  Once our clients have those two steps started, we focus on creating a custom link building strategy for their website. 

Custom Link Strategy Pieces:

  1. Traditional link building
  2. Leverage company relationships
  3. Review & expand content & press relaease distribution
  4. Competitor link analysis plan
  5. Develop unique & custom link projects

How Can We Help You

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What Determines Inbound Link Quality?

This is actually very simple.  First, how much does the website linking to you relate to your target market?  If the site's content matches your industry or location, that is one key step to quality. Second, how much authority or link populary does that website have?  The more popular a website, the more "link juice" it will send.  Third, where does your link appear?  A link on the website's home pages is much more valuable than one on the 10th page of it's link trading section.  

Improving inbound link popularity is one of the most difficult pieces of inbound marketing. Our agency can help.  Contact us today and discuss what Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can do for you.  

We don’t just build websites.

We design your online strategy.

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