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PIC Unveils WooSOS™: A WordPress® Plugin for SOS Inventory Software

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Efficiency and data accuracy are crucial for ecommerce businesses. Addressing this need, PIC proudly introduces WooSOS, a powerful WordPress plugin designed to streamline inventory management and order processing for businesses using WooCommerce® and SOS Inventory.

The Essence of WooSOS

WooSOS is available in two versions – WooSOS Basic and WooSOS Plus. Let's delve into the key features that make these plugins a must-have for WooCommerce-powered online stores: 

  • WooSOS Basic lays the groundwork for efficient inventory management by synchronizing pricing and available inventory data between SOS Inventory and WooCommerce. By intelligently matching SKUs, WooSOS ensures accuracy and eliminates errors in inventory records. The plugin goes a step further by identifying duplicate and missing SKUs to provide a streamlined and error-free inventory management process. 
  • WooSOS Plus encompasses all the features of WooSOS Basic and introduces additional functionality, including online order synchronization and purchase order entry, to further integrate WooCommerce to SOS Inventory. Eliminating the need to transcribe website orders reduces errors and saves users hours of data entry time. 


Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

WooSOS simplifies online order fulfillment by pushing orders from WooCommerce into SOS Inventory. The integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and ensures accuracy in managing inventory levels and pricing. 

To further aid businesses in managing their inventory effectively, WooSOS includes a Report Dashboard. This feature provides valuable insights by highlighting products with duplicate or missing SKUs, helping retailers make data-based decisions, and maintaining a well-organized inventory system.

“WooSOS Plus saves us 40 hours a month in order entry.” – John Morgan, Rock N Rescue 

User-Friendly Design for Seamless Integration

User-friendliness is a top priority, and WooSOS is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.  

Robb Luther, PIC’s V.P. of Business Development, praised the benefits of WooSOS: "PIC is committed to empowering businesses with services and tools that improve their bottom line. WooSOS does that for ecommerce businesses by eliminating redundant data entry and maintaining accurate order and inventory data across the WooCommerce and SOS Inventory applications."

Conclusion: WooSOS—A Simple Path to Greater Efficiency  

Every ecommerce business relying on WooCommerce and SOS Inventory can benefit from integrating the two systems with WooSOS. To explore the full potential of WooSOS and register for a free, no-obligation trial, visit PIC's official WooSOS page.



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