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How to Add Website to Bing News

Having your news articles displayed on MSN News will help instill trust in your brand, spread awareness, and increase overall traffic and impressions.  

MSN News displays the highest quality, most relevant links for users to find trusted information on current events. Following these steps will help get your links onto MSN news. 

1. Submit Your Site to Bing Webmaster Tools ​

You must ensure that your site URL is submitted to Bing webmaster tools for verification, indexing, and bot crawling.​

How To Submit Your Website To Webmaster Tools

  • Visit  www.bing.com/webmaster to start, then it will ask you to choose any of the verification methods of site ownership.​
  • Methods Of Verification:
  • Add  HTML file– Bing will generate a HTML code for you to update your website’s homepage header  section  e.g. <html> place the code here</html>.
  • Upload HTML meta Tag– Bing webmaster generates a file with instructions on how to upload it to your website’s root directory. This is also easy as you can use an FTP client app to do that.​
  • Select Provider of Your domain name– Bing gives you a chance to select the website domain provider of your URL, and it will walk you through the verification process.​
  • After Verification:
  • Bing also asks you to submit your XML sitemap.​

2. Submit URL to Bing News PubHub​

  • PubHub automatically distributes your content to millions of Windows, Outlook, and Bing users who get their news through these channels:​​

How to Submit Your Website to Bing News PubHub​

  • You can access Bing News PubHub at the bottom of the navigation bar within Webmaster Tools. 
  • Click on Get Started to proceed.​

From there, log in and continue to set up.

3. Finalize Set Up ​

  • To finalize the setup, fill in all of the information needed step by step. ​​
  • Remember that you must be thorough and detailed to guarantee your site’s approval for the MSN News platform.

  • Once this process is finalized, wait for between one to two weeks while Bing Pubhub reviews your application and approves your website.​