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Establishing a Nonprofit's Branding and Online Presence

Inbound Marketing , Website Design & Development | 2 minute read

Clean Water Kenya is a nonprofit organization based in Ligonier, PA. Ken Clark leads the operations of this organization. which aims to deliver potable drinking water to the people of the Rift Valley in Kenya. 

Problem: Poor Branding and Internet Presence

Robb Luther at Pittsburgh Internet Consulting knew Ken and followed his efforts with Clean Water Kenya via Facebook. At the time, Clean Water Kenya had a basic, barebones website that made it difficult to attract the attention the nonprofit deserved. Robb, motivated by the efforts of Ken and the good work he was doing, offered the services of Pittsburgh Internet Consulting to improve Clean Water Kenya's internet presence and branding package.


PIC Services: A New Website with Improved Functionality

PIC developed a new website for Clean Water Kenya that added significant functionality beyond the old platform. It integrated with their social media channels, allowed for online donations, and included a store complete with payment integration.

Being a non-profit, Clean Water Kenya was eligible to take advantage of special programs from Amazon and Google. Pittsburgh Internet Consulting helped guide them through this process.

Results: A Nonprofit Primed for Success

Clean Water Kenya's new website and branding established a consistent online presence for the nonprofit, ensuring it was primed for success. The addition of online donations, as well as the programs from Amazon and Google, make it easier than ever for Clean Water Kenya to deliver potable water to the Great Rift Valley.



In the early Spring of 2016 Robb Luther of Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and Clean Water Kenya teamed up to create our website www.cleanwaterkenya.com. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting was exactly what we needed: a team of professionals to take us to the next level in creativity, administration and public relations via an outstanding, professional website.

Robb Luther has been particularly helpful with his keen insight and knowledge of not only website construction and administration, but also regarding public relations and sales. The feedback we get through our website has been all positive and very encouraging.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, and Robb Luther in particular, if you're looking to expand, replace or simply modify your website capabilities. We at Clean Water Kenya greatly appreciate what Robb and PIC have accomplished for us.


Ken Clark, Founder
Clean Water Kenya

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