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Custom HubSpot Website Simplifies Lead Generation and Customer Support

Inbound Marketing , Website Design & Development | 2 minute read

DojoNetworks™ is a rapidly growing Internet service provider with a focus on apartments and other multi-tenant buildings, such as student housing and senior living communities. 

  • Company: DojoNetworks™
  • Problem: They needed a faster, more secure website and a clear delineation between lead generation and support for current customers
  • Solution: Design and build an attractive HubSpot website for lead generation, and move customer support to a secure subdomain
  • Improvements: Lead generation, navigation/sitemap, security, and case study integration
  • Tools Used: HubSpot, Asana

Problem: Growing ISP Needs a Modern Website

With DojoNetworks™ growing over 40% per year, they decided it was time to invest in a more modern website that would better serve not only their rapidly expanding customer base, but their prospective customers as well. The old website featured a dated design and navigation. Additionally, the website was used for both lead generation and customer support, which sometimes created confusion for visitors.

PIC Services: Building a Secure, Intuitive Website

Based on the client’s needs and our expertise as a Platinum Solutions Partner, PIC recommended using HubSpot to build the new website. Our design and development team headed this project, building an intuitive custom website with a reimagined navigation and sitemap. The switch to HubSpot, which doesn’t rely on third-party developers like WordPress, also allowed PIC to construct a website that would be more secure for DojoNetworks™ customers.

Finally, PIC ensured the new website design would better integrate case studies and infographics to more effectively showcase what DojoNetworks™ can do.

Solutions: User-Friendly Design

PIC worked closely with DojoNetworks™ to plan a new website that was faster as well as more intuitive and informative for prospective customers. This new website also funneled customer support requests to a subdomain. Separating resident support and lead generation made it easier for visitors to find exactly what they were looking for, and it also helped PIC improve the website’s security. Finally, PIC eliminated and redirected outdated pages and integrated case studies into the website’s design. In less than six weeks, PIC had the website live for DojoNetworks™.

Results: A Satisfied Client

DojoNetworks™ is extremely satisfied with the custom solution PIC provided and early results are positive. PIC and DojoNetworks™ are looking forward to increased traffic and leads generated from the new site.

DojoNetworks™ - New Site

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