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Columbus Supply: New Ecommerce Website Launches in Less than 30 Days while Improving Customer Experience

E-Commerce , Inbound Marketing , Website Design & Development | 3 minute read

Columbus Supply provides products and equipment that is designed for fire departments, the federal government, U.S. Armed Forces, rescue teams, police, in industrial settings, all the way down to the individual customer. They have been in business since 1997.

  • Company: Columbus Supply

  • Problem: Hosting Company shut down and gave them 3 weeks to move their site

  • Solution: Provide an updated eCommerce website on Word Press

  • Improvements: Website Design, Shopping Experience

  • Tools Used: Word Press, WooCommerce, Hot Jar, Google Analytics

Problem: Outdated Website Design

Columbus Supply created its website at its launch in 1997. Aside from upkeep for maintenance, they had left the site alone until their hosting company told them they were shutting down in 2021, and as a result, the Columbus Supply site would be pulled offline. The biggest issue is they gave Columbus Supply just three weeks to move their site to a new server.


PIC Services: Utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce to update our clients site

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting worked with Columbus Supply to create a new launchpad website in WordPress. To get the site launched in such a short timeframe, our website design and development team prioritized the overall aesthetic design of the site while paying special attention to core landing pages. On top of creating the site, PIC worked with Columbus Supply to improve their understanding of WordPress and WooCommerce. PIC introduced these tools to the client during the build process which meant that the Columbus Supply team had a good understanding of their new eCommerce platform on day one of the site launch.


Solution: Fast Turnaround for Completely Revamped Site

In just three weeks, PIC was able to get their new e-commerce website live under their new hosting service. To improve the shopping experience, PIC set up product pages and added customized categories to better organize their offerings across the site. Following the launchpad website, PIC and Columbus Supply worked together to add an inventory management integration, create a login section for vendors, set discounts, create and send invoices, and more.Within just a month's time, Columbus Supply had the ability to completely process orders from WordPress using WooCommerce and software to manage shipping.


Results: Stunningly Improved Website Design

One glance at a before and after shot is all you need to see the improvements from an outdated site, to a fully functioning, customer-friendly site.


A site that once got complaints about slow response times now is praised for its organization and design. Most of all, the client was thrilled with the new-look site and was equipped to improve their e-commerce sales thanks to the tools and knowledge that they were provided during the process.

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