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R.J. Hedges & Associates: Leveraging LinkedIn Marketing to Create Leads

Inbound Marketing , Website Design & Development | 3 minute read

RJ Hedges and Associates provides services to pharmacy owners and managers. They work with these owners to help keep them up to date and compliant with changing rules and regulations in the pharmacy industry.

  • Company: RJ Hedges & Associates

  • Problem: Not finding leads

  • Solution: Paid Social Advertising

  • Improvements: Social Ads, Email Drip Campaign

  • Tools Used: HubSpot, LinkedIn Ads


Problem: Lack of Leads from Paid Social Advertising 

Servicing pharmacy owners and managers is a very specific job in a niche industry. Because of this, finding valuable leads has been tough for them without overspending on ads. However, they know that without an online presence, they are missing a wide range of potential clients.  


PIC Services: Leveraging LinkedIn Ads 

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting worked with R.J. Hedges to find specific audiences. PIC leveraged LinkedIn Ads, as well as HubSpot to create specific ads, and send follow-up emails to potential leads.


Solution: Creating Contacts with HubSpot Drip Email Campaign

By using LinkedIn Lead ads, PIC was able to identify a specific audience and offer valuable gated content that pharmacy professionals would exchange their contact information to receive. The ad was showing to LinkedIn users who are interested in the pharmacy-related topics, and the gated content helped qualify the leads before R.J. Hedges reached out.

HubSpot’s simple integration to creating lead ads made the setup simple. HubSpot walks the user through each step to create ads, choose audiences, and design forms that gather valuable contact information. 

Using HubSpot also means the follow-up is seamless.PIC assisted in R.J. Hedges creating a drip-email campaign to offer more information for the new contacts and introduce them to RJ Hedges services. HubSpot’s tools automated this process so there was no time or delay between becoming a contact and being moved into the workflow/ email series.

Results: Improved Leads at Better Cost Per Conversion

The results showed. Over a 4-month period (October 2019-January 2020) R.J. Hedges acquired 122 leads at a cost of $11.76 per lead, a win for their industry.




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