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15 Common Hubspot Questions Answered Guide

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1. What’s the first thing I should do in HubSpot?

HST - Connect Email Inbox

2. How do I record and track emails?

HST - Email Log and Tracking

3. How do I automatically associate my contacts with their correct companies?

HST - Email Log and Tracking

4. How do I customize HubSpot for my business?

HST - Customize Deal Pipeline

5. How do I manually add a contact?

HST - Manually Create a Contact

6. How can I delete a contact permanently?

HST - Manually Delete A Contact

7. How do I quickly get my data into HubSpot?

HST - Imports

8. What file formats can I import?

HST - What file formats

9. How do I find a certain group of contacts?

HST - How do I find a certain group of contacts

10. How can I add a HubSpot user to my team in HubSpot?

HST - Invite Team Members

11. How do I delete a deal in HubSpot?

HST - Delete A Deal

12. Where can I add my email signature in HubSpot?

HST - Email Signature

13. What is a snippet in HubSpot?

HST - Create A Snippet

14. How do I create an email template in HubSpot?

HST - Create Template

15. How do I edit a template?

HST - Edit a Template