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Tim Moury

Training and Education

We have been working with PIC for the last few years and they assisted us in converting our CRM to HubSpot in the spring of 2019. The transition and training we exceptionally smooth and the PIC Team of Brad Gerlach and Will Smith did a great job. Will actually did our training workshops and did a fantastic job of educating us on the operation of HubSpot along with showing us additional tools that were available to help manage and grow our business. In addition to the training, Will has been available 24/7 to answer any question we have and make any modification we suggest to customize HubSpot to our business model. PIC is a GREAT Partner and there when you need them!

Tim Moury, Verichek Technical Services

Jenny Schell

Great team with lots of talents

We have been working with PIC since the spring of 2018. They have supported us from everything from creating content, categorizing our contacts so we are able to nurture them correctly, to coming in and doing training with our staff. I personally work with Robb Luther and Will Smith and I love them dearly. They are both very talented and they listen to our ideas and help bring them to life. Will did a training for us with all of our staff to help them understand how no matter what role they have within our company HubSpot is a wonderful tool to be used and taught how to use it efficiently. Will did a fantastic job with the training and we are going to be doing another one in the near future. Also something else I really love is how knowledgeable they are with all things HubSpot. They are very sharp with things and when something new launches they know all about it. I am a HubSpot nerd and the fact that they (Will) nerds out when HubSpot release something new I greatly appreciate that.

Jenny Schell, R.J. Hedges & Associates

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