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Awesome Citizen
Tim Moury

Training and Education

We have been working with PIC for the last few years and they assisted us in converting our CRM to HubSpot in the spring of 2019. The transition and training we exceptionally smooth and the PIC Team of Brad Gerlach and Will Smith did a great job. Will actually did our training workshops and did a fantastic job of educating us on the operation of HubSpot along with showing us additional tools that were available to help manage and grow our business. In addition to the training, Will has been available 24/7 to answer any question we have and make any modification we suggest to customize HubSpot to our business model. PIC is a GREAT Partner and there when you need them!

Tim Moury, Verichek Technical Services

If you are super proactive and don’t want to wait for us to contact you, just schedule an appointment below for a session on training or HubSpot on-boarding.

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