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What is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

“Develop Information designed to generate Ideas that lead to Action.”

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting offers Content Development services across all platforms.

This is our Content Strategy for You

Develop remarkable content.  By developing remarkable content that engages your company’s key audiences, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can help you generate more successful Calls to Action (CTAs), more organic traffic to your website, an increase in brand awareness, and a higher goal completion rate.

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting develops content that matches the interests of your buyer personas to maximize its effect. Buyer personas help us understand what audience we’re working to attract, convert, close, and delight with the content we create. Buyer Personas will allow us to understand their selling points, avoid their pain points, and speak directly to what they desire from your product. Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can create the content you need to attract prospects, – a nice blog article – convert, – a premium content piece – delight, – a follow up email,  that will continue to nurture your prospects into  your buyers.

Inbound Marketing is a highly effective strategy for businesses, and Pittsburgh Internet Consulting would like to help you develop an inbound marketing strategy or augment your existing inbound marketing strategy with our own content development team.

Content Creation

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting will develop content for your business across all platforms – website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

We specialize in writing compelling content that will attract more visitors to your site, and generate more sales while all you have to do is watch your brand soar! Whether it’s a status update, a product description, or a Premium Content Piece, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting develops content that will make a difference in your online presence.

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