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Elevating Occupational Health and Safety Marketing Through Growth-Driven Design

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GDD for OHS 

In the ever-evolving world of occupational health and safety, an industry where adaptability and precision are paramount, a well-crafted and up-to-date website can be a game changer. While traditional website design may give you the refreshed look your site needs in the short term, Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is the tailor-made approach for health and safety business owners and marketers who understand the value of keeping pace in a constantly changing, high stakes field.

What is Growth-Driven Design? 

In contrast to traditional website design that involves creating a static website with a relaunch every few years, growth-driven design focuses on continuous improvement. With GDD, your website is an ever-evolving tool that can be updated, refined, and expanded when needed or as prompted through user and performance analytics.

We addressed this topic in a more general sense in a February 2022 blog post, titled Traditional Website Design vs Growth-Driven Design. In the earlier post, author Robb Luther stated, “Not continually improving your website is like running a mile to prepare for a marathon. You're never going to win the marathon because you will not be able to compete in the long game.” 

Why Choose Growth-Driven Design For OHS?  

Adaptive Development  

Constant change demands flexibility and quick response. That means your website—most likely, your primary communication channel—should be more than a once-every-three-years project. Unfortunately, that’s the norm with traditional website design.  

The GDD approach, however, is founded on continuous improvement and consistent analytics-based updates. Imagine, for example, that your sales reports show that orders placed by phone are 20% larger than orders submitted online. Following the GDD process, you can apply that customer insight data by quickly adding your phone number to your Products page in a manner that encourages customers to order by phone.   

Another example, say you own a solar energy company, and your sales team report that nearly every prospect asks about the cost and ROI of installing solar panels. In response to this valuable insight, your website team develops an online calculator that collects customer information and then estimates installation cost and ROI. The customer provides their email address in return for the calculation data. You now have the name, email address, and home/building information from a highly qualified and interested lead.  

With GDD, your website can adapt quickly to market conditions and revenue drivers, responding to customer data and putting your business and your sales team ahead of your competitors.  

Enhanced User Experience For Training  

Equipping your clients with the knowledge they need is essential in such a high-stakes industry. GDD makes it easier for you to engage site visitors and encourage returns visits through regularly updated interactive elements like videos, tutorials, quizzes, and simulations.  

Data Driven Decision Making  

Data-backed marketing decisions are crucial, and analytics are the driving force behind GDD. By analyzing which pages and safety resources are most frequently accessed or searched for, you can tailor your offerings to meet the specific needs of your current and prospective customers. For example, if your website traffic analysis reflects strong interest in workplace ergonomics. You can respond by quickly adding content and resources—maybe a special offer or webinar—dedicated to workplace economics to your website, increasing targeted traffic, delivering real value to site visitors, and boosting your business’s position in the industry.

Make The Smart and Safe Choice   

As a business owner or marketing leader in the OHS sector, you understand the critical importance of staying current with industry trends, customer needs, and the resources you provide. The traditional approach to website design often falls short in this regard, leaving you with a static platform that is challenging to update and often out of date. In contrast, GDD empowers you to refresh your website and online content quickly and easily.   

We encourage you to embrace Growth-Driven Design for your OHS website. By doing so, you’ll use real user data to plan site enhancements, resulting in a website that adapts to user behavior and is always relevant.


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