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Trial, Error, and HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot | | 4 minute read

If you went to the ocean with a surfboard having never surfed before, but watched a few YouTube videos - would you catch a wave? Through trial and error, eventually, yes.

When it comes to your business, do you have time for trial and error?


Inbound marketing is a newer experience for some businesses, especially in comparison to old outbound strategies like radio ads, billboards, and mailers. With HubSpot inbound marketing, your goal is to reach the right people with your message at the right time – when they are searching for you. The strategic nature of inbound marketing is highly successful when it is done right. Jumping into inbound marketing can resemble trying to catch that first big wave.

Pro Tip:
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification is an excellent way to learn more about the Inbound Methodology. We encourage all our clients to get inbound certified.

HubSpot coined the term “inbound marketing” and built its world-class software around these principles. HubSpot software is like your surfboard. While HubSpot provides you with the tools, their classes and education can be similar to the YouTube videos for our surfer example. Too often, during HubSpot onboarding, customers are quickly frustrated with some of the features or misunderstand the purpose of the software. Searching for answers on Google or through the HubSpot support team may prove even more frustrating when your exact issue is never addressed.

At this point, HubSpot has given you the surfboard, showed you how to paddle, but now, you realize you are not Brad Gerlach (Not to be confused with OUR Brad Gerlach) and you feel alone in the vast ocean in the middle of some large HubSpot marketing campaign - trying to keep your balance, searching for the right wave to catch, all while avoiding the proverbial shark attack.

Before swimming back to the safe and familiar outbound marketing land you may want to consider HubSpot professional onboarding from an Agency Partner. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner in Pittsburgh, this is a common part of our business. Working with an Agency Partner can also dramatically reduce your HubSpot onboarding timeline.

Pro Tip:

HubSpot offers a ton of videos that offer theory training. If you need hands-on training tailored to your business Pittsburgh Internet Consulting has a team of HubSpot certified members. Not only will we help you understand what you can and cannot do with HubSpot, but we can also work with you for any HubSpot problems or questions throughout your inbound marketing journey.

 How Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can help you manage HubSpot

Starting any new CRM and implementing change across an entire team can be a difficult process. Enlisting a dedicated onboarding expert to walk you through the process is the first step in getting the most value out of HubSpot.

Questions First time HubSpot users often ask:

  • What do I do now that I have my data in HubSpot?
  • How do I record and track emails?
  • How do I automatically associate my contacts with their correct companies?
  • How do I customize HubSpot for my business?
  • How do I manually add a contact?
  • How can I delete a contact permanently?
  • How do I quickly move my data into HubSpot?
  • What file formats can I import?
  • How do I find a certain group of contacts?
  • How can I add a HubSpot user to my team in HubSpot?
  • How do I delete a deal in HubSpot?
  • Where can I add my email signature in HubSpot?
  • What is a SNIPPET in HubSpot?
  • How do I create an email template in HubSpot?
  • How do I edit an email template? 

15 Common HubSpot Questions

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting will not only walk with you through the process of these questions but also explain the value of each aspect. Other common areas of frustration may come from:

HubSpot Support

A large company help desk like HubSpot Support may not fully understand your business or what you’re trying to accomplish. You may get the help you need with a specific issue, but how does this solution fit into your overall business plan?

With Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, our HubSpot experts take the time to understand your industry and your business to ensure HubSpot is working at its best for you both now and as your business grows.

HubSpot Limitations

HubSpot is great, but no software is perfect. We would love to be able to do everything within HubSpot, however, this isn’t always possible. HubSpot recognizes this and has partnered with over 200 apps to offer integrations to help HubSpot users.

Concerned about how to integrate and use these apps? Don’t worry. Through years of experience, our HubSpot experts have configured HubSpot under many scenarios for businesses in a variety of industries. If there is an integration, alternative or supplemental software that will help grow your business, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can help make it work for you.

Too often businesses are excited to jump right in the water and catch their first wave. Then, the wave overpowers them and they wipe out. After that first wipe out, many businesses want to give up This can be similar to jumping into HubSpot and expecting it to answer all of your inbound needs. Fortunately, Pittsburgh Internet Consulting is here for your concerns, questions and to assist you with your specific business needs all while helping you grow your inbound marketing with HubSpot.

Before you know it, you will be surfing the waves of inbound marketing like a pro.

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