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Using Targeted Email Marketing & Social Media to Introduce New Services during the COVID Pandemic

Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc.
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Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc. provides commercial janitorial services to the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding locations. BAJFI has access to over 60 professional cleaning companies and matches them with office managers and business owners to provide commercial cleaning services for offices, retail businesses, churches, and more.


Janitorial Company Seeks Email and Social Media Promotion

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the nation, the need for a reliable cleaning service to disinfect an entire office building became abundant. BAJFI understood that many building owners were scrambling to find a reliable service. They had to act quickly, but needed to maintain a clear message as well as get it in front of the right people.  

PIC Services: 

Launching Email and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting worked with BAJFI to get their message out to the right audience. PIC leveraged HubSpot to create email and social media marketing campaigns designed to target building owners and office managers.


Leveraging Multiple Marketing Channels

PIC launched an email campaign that was designed to reach existing contacts in BAJFI's CMS, including those that weren't clients. The campaign featured four separate emails set to send 2-5 days apart from each other. These emails highlighted BAJFI's office cleaning services, as well as their increased COVID-19 disinfection plan.

The best marketing campaigns leverage multiple marketing channels. With that in mind, PIC also prepared four separate social posts based on the email and promoted them on Facebook and LinkedIn.  These posts were not targeted specifically but were shared to create awareness for consumers who have previously liked their page, or others who may be interested in learning more about the additional services that BAJFI is offering during this time 




Increased Contacts

PIC created a campaign goal that would complete when a customer clicked the CTA to schedule a call or fill out a form. With the emails going out to all of BAJFI's contacts, including old clients and stale leads, the conversion rate was not going to be high. However, with the help of PIC's remarketing efforts, 10 new people completed the goal.

The pandemic asked for many essential businesses to rise up. BAJFI knew that they provided services that would not only help their business but help get others back to a safer work environment as well.

During a time when building owners needed services to safely re-open their buildings, they were reminded of the name and services that BAJFI provided. BAJFI upgraded clients to their new COVID-19 disinfection services, brought back old clients who needed their services to re-open, and reconnected with past leads that they were previously unable to close thanks to the email marketing and social media campaigns led by PIC.

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