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Calculating the Cost of Solar Lead Gen

Paradise Energy Solutions
Homeowners had no frame of reference for the cost of a solar energy system, and often weren’t sure if they were a good candidate for this solution
Create a functioning calculator that helps users self-qualify their solar power needs based on their appliances and energy usage
Lead generation
Tools Used
HubSpot, React, Asana


Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned business that installs and services solar energy systems for homes, businesses, and farms. They are based in Paradise, PA, but operate in a variety of other states, including West Virginia, Ohio, New York, Delaware, and more.


Solar energy is a significant monetary investment, and not all homes are great candidates for a solar energy system. Due to this, the Paradise Energy Solutions sales team spent a lot of time answering the same questions and had to gather information from leads to give them ballpark installation estimates.  

Although the sales team had an Excel spreadsheet that could quickly calculate estimates, this process was not nearly as streamlined as it could have been. It also led to the sales team spent a significant amount of time qualifying leads.

PIC Services 

PIC’s design and development team shined with this project, taking the dated Excel sheet the sales team had been using and bringing it to the website in the form of a calculator. Although this project did require some search engine optimization and general project management, the bulk of the work was handled in HubSpot by the design team. 

This project was led by Mariana Forteza, PIC’s Senior Developer. In order to create the calculator, the team built a HubSpot custom module with React, a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces.  


PIC’s design and development team chose the React framework because the calculator needed to be fast and responsive. The result is a calculator that can quickly update estimates on a per click basis.  

In addition to working quickly and smoothly, this calculator also needed to look nice and be easy to use. The UX team researched extensively in order to make the calculator interface as intuitive as possible for website visitors. Additionally, the client wanted backend access to the calculator, so the module also needed to be simple to update. 

Watch the finished calculator in action:

After the calculator is filled out, the user can elect to receive an email with their solar battery backup configuration and estimate. Essentially, the calculator automatically identifies leads that are a good fit for Paradise Energy Solutions, saving the sales team a considerable amount of time. 


Paradise Energy Solutions is extremely happy with the outcome of this project. The calculator is a functional, helpful tool that simplifies things for website visitors and ensures the sales team receives higher quality leads. 

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