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AccuWeather for Business
AccuWeather For Business
Lack of Website Control; Unreliable Analytics
Build a foundation for lead generation, and create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and analysis plan.
Website design and development, SEO, content creation, lead generation
Tools Used
Hubspot, Asana, Google Analytics, SEMRush


AccuWeather For Business (AFB) is the B2B line of business for AccuWeather, Inc. AFB provides custom weather forecasting and severe weather warning services for companies around the world. They also have the world's largest and most complete weather database, which organizations use for a variety of data analysis purposes, including labor scheduling, logistics planning, and weather-triggered advertising. 


AccuWeather's corporate website is owned by another department and functions as an online brochure rather than a lead generator. The AFB team was unable to make changes to the corporate site, leaving them without an effective online marketing presence.  

Additionally, AFB’s statistics in HubSpot and Google Analytics were not configured and, therefore, not informative. Without good analytics and a clear understanding of what was working and what wasn’t, the marketing and sales teams were limited in their ability to deliver value and improve marketing results. 

PIC Services:

PIC was hired to create a new lead generation website on the HubSpot platform; provide a site that the AFB marketing team could maintain, update, and improve.  

We worked closely with our partners at HubSpot in a shared selling process. AFB's HubSpot representative identified AccuWeather as a candidate for HubSpot's Lighthouse program. PIC and HubSpot then worked together to establish a strategic partnership between HubSpot and AccuWeather for long-term growth and expansion.   
As a result of the Accuweather for Business-HubSpot collaboration, AFB is leading the charge of HubSpot adoption at AccuWeather. They have expanded their HubSpot suite to encompass Sales Enterprise, CMS Enterprise, and the Enterprise Marketing Suite, and other departments are beginning to use the toolset.   

In addition to designing, developing, and writing the content for AFB’s new website, PIC was tasked with onboarding the new HubSpot tools, creating KPI dashboards, and delivering a suite of growth marketing services.  


PIC built a new launchpad website in less than 120 days, a real challenge given the scope of the project they were tasked with. 

PIC started by helping the AFB team make the case for the project with leadership and functioned as an integrated part of the AFB marketing team throughout. It was a real team effort within PIC and included staff from Account Management & Strategy to Development & Design to advanced HubSpot consulting and configurations.  

AFB has aggressive lead generation objectives, so getting the site launched and other processes—HubSpot automation, SEM, etc.—in place quickly were important to them. The website was launched on November 8, 2022, giving AFB a solid foundation for lead generation and sales support. They now have a website that their marketing team owns and manages. It’s a site with a clean, modular structure, consistent component labels, user-controlled CTAs, and a well-designed and user-friendly search results page.

PIC designed AFB’s website to be consistent with the look and feel of AccuWeather’s corporate website and remained consistent with AccuWeather’s corporate branding. 

With the new site live, PIC has worked with AFB to lay the groundwork for dynamic growth marketing. In our first six months, our teams have accomplished a lot:

  • Functioning stats & dashboards in HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Semrush 
  • Full contact audit to improve AFB’s HubSpot data quality
  • Dynamic CTAs are now in place across the AFB and Business subdomain
  • SEM campaigns are in place and integrated with HubSpot
  • Basic lead scoring is in place with the team focused on continuous improvement
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Automated response sequences to nurture form conversions

The process has been enjoyable and rewarding for the AFB and PIC teams.     


AFB’s new website launched in early November 2022, and lead generation in January 2023 far outpaced the first month of 2022. The AFB team can now see all leads by source, form, and department and know if a contact is a lead, MQL, or SQL. Trackable CTAs provide easy-to-understand performance statics, and AFB’s marketing team can add lead capture strategies with a few minutes of work. This is a clear difference for AFB. 



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