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Recycling Facebook and LinkedIn Traffic

Recycling Facebook and LinkedIn Traffic

When you use social media to drive website traffic, staying within your budget is always a concern. When using targeted ad campaigns and boosted social media posts, the cost per click is often pretty high.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • To cut down on costs, and to stretch a budget further, replace boosting and targeted ads with an ongoing ad campaign that leverages existing recent posts as ad creative. Since these posts already exist, there’s no need to spend time working on new ad copy.

  • Regularly pausing and restarting this ongoing campaign allows Facebook and LinkedIn to better optimize delivery over time.

  • This traffic campaign strategy takes less time than boosting posts, allowing for more variety in your message while also giving you the ability to target multiple audiences.

When we implemented this strategy with a client, we saw the average cost for a landing page view (LPV) drop from about $1.00 to an average of $0.05 per LPV. A $5.00/day budget recorded 3,268 LPVs in just one month.

If you’re interested in this strategy, let PIC know and we can help you get a campaign up and running.

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