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Website Trends to Watch

Website trends to watch this year

An attractive and intuitive website is much more likely to generate leads and sales than a website that’s clunky and outdated. Perhaps it’s time your website considered some of these trends:

  1. Inclusive Design:
    These days, customers expect more personalized shopping experiences, which is why businesses are trending toward more inclusive website designs. There’s no need to be over the top, but anyone who visits your website should be able to relate to the content and imagery – ensuring they feel like they’re in the right place and are confident they’ll find products or solutions that meet their needs.

  2. Split-Screen Aesthetics:
    Split-screen aesthetics, or screens with visuals that are split horizontally or vertically, are becoming quite popular once again. Originally suited for usability and responsiveness, these aesthetics are now more of a full-fledged design. They are great because they provide a strong visual experience and also offer multiple entry points to your website.

  3. Mobile-First Design:
    Mobile-friendly designs are nothing new, but designers are now beginning to design mobile versions of websites before desktop versions. Since mobile designs have more restrictions, if you take the time to design and develop a beautiful desktop website, it can often be difficult to adopt it to mobile without watering down some of the design. Beginning with the mobile design, however, ensures a cleaner transition to the desktop version and results in a more uniform experience for visitors regardless of platform use.

  4. Promoting Popular Subcategories:
    Customers want to quickly find what they’re looking for. Websites with several product silos and multiple subcategories can often make it more difficult for visitors to complete their search. Obviously, this is bad for business. Promoting popular subcategories directly on the homepage can help visitors quickly find relevant products, leading to more conversions.

If you’re interested in any of these ideas, let PIC know and we can help you revamp your website design strategy.

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