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How to Add Users to LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Social Media | | 2 minute read

What can you do to add your marketing team to your LinkedIn Ads account?

1. Navigate to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager
2. Click the "Account Settings" drop-down
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 1.13.51 PM
3. Click "Manage access"
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 1.14.23 PM
4. Click "Add user"
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 1.15.02 PM
5. Click this search field.
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 1.15.39 PM
6. Select the user you wish to add
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 1.16.09 PM
7. Click the "account manager" drop-down. Select the type of role you would like to give.
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 1.16.38 PM
8. Click Add.
Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 12.43.27 PM


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