How to Set Up WooCommerceTax Exempt Plugin

The Tax Exempt Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to offer tax exemption options to selected customers and user roles.

1. Tax Exemption Settings ​

When the plugin is installed, all settings can be found at WooCommerce>Tax Exemption. There, you can edit the following:​
  • General settings allow you to set which fields you want to show on the tax exemption form​​
  • Exempt Customers & Roles allows you to specify customers or users labeled with a specific role to be exempt. ​
  • Auto Approve or send tax exemption messages to customers or specific users. ​
  • Admin Email & Notification settings. ​
  • Allow guest users to be tax-exempt. 

2. Edit Specific Users ​

  • Under "Users," you can edit a specific customer's tax-exempt status.​
  • Select "Edit," then you can see tax-exempt options, including their status and the date they were tax-exempt. ​​
  • You can select "approved," "disapproved," or "expired," and this will update the user without them having to fill anything out.
  • You can see now in the user page under "Tax Exempt Status" this now says "approved."​

3. Reviewing Orders​

  •  By going to WooCommerce> Orders, you can view the tax-exempt status of previously made orders.​
  •  If a user is tax-exempt, their tax-exempt ID will show up at the bottom of the order page. If it is not showing, then this order did not use Tax Exempt.