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Pittsburgh Internet Consulting Announces Rebrand as PIC

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If you follow our socials, you may have known something big was coming, and we’re excited to finally share what it is. Pittsburgh Internet Consulting has rebranded to effectively align with our core mission as a growth-oriented marketing agency.  

Part of this rebrand includes a name change: Pittsburgh Internet Consulting is now PIC! Along with the new name, we’re rolling out a new logo and messaging to reflect our Walk With You Marketing™ services.

So, What Does PIC Stand For? 

The company formerly known as Pittsburgh Internet Consulting is still the same marketing agency you know and love, but the name PIC does stand for something: 

Here at PIC, we’ve worked with businesses of all calibers and know what it takes to set you up for continuous marketing success. The following is our advice for a successful path forward to growth.  


Words from Our Partners 


PIC’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Schroeffel, had this to say about the rebrand: 

“When I founded Pittsburgh Internet Consulting more than 20 years ago, I focused primarily on search engine marketing but helped organizations with a wide range of marketing needs. We’ve grown and evolved over the years and, as a 20-person company, have really found our niche as a digital marketing agency focused on growth enablement. At the heart of our highly consultative and unique ‘Walk With You Marketing’ approach is a close partnership with each customer. In some cases, we are a client’s marketing department, while in others, we’re an extension of their marketing team. In every case, the client’s goals are our goals, and we’re all working together to meet or exceed those goals.” 


Robb Luther, PIC’s V.P. of Business Development, also chimed in: 

“PIC has a successful track record of helping small- and medium-sized businesses develop and implement marketing strategies that meet their growth goals. We are an extension of the client’s marketing team and provide the level of service they need. We can do the work for them, help them do it, or teach them how to do it. In every scenario, our ‘Walk With You’ approach means we’re constantly evaluating performance and collaborating to continuously improve the client’s brand, website, and marketing initiatives.” 

What You Can Expect from PIC 

Marketing agencies aren’t new, but what we’re doing at PIC is different and innovative, and our clients’ success is proof that we deliver positive results.  

At this time, more than 50 businesses trust PIC’s comprehensive marketing solutions, and many of these businesses are long-term clients. We build these partnerships on a foundation of collaborative and personal relationships, and we offer fully customized marketing solutions for each client. 

When you walk with PIC, you gain the full power of our extensive skillset: 

To learn more, read our official press release: Pittsburgh Internet Consulting Announces Rebrand as PIC

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Robb Luther

A lifetime resident of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Robb joined PIC as an Internet Marketing Consultant in September 2007. Robb’s work experience covers a full range of website design and development, marketing (both online and off), and training responsibilities.

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