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AdWords Location Targeting - PPC Strategy

PPC Marketing | 1 minute read

Google AdWords has updated their location extensions module to make targeting multiple geographic areas with your ads faster and easier. Once upon a time you'd need a separate Campaign for each city or area your business targeted: Camapign & ads for Pittsburgh, campaign & ads for Cleveland. Now, with Zip Code targeting, you can create an ad for every zip code your business services and use dynamic keyword insertion to customize one ad dozens of times.

Dynamic location insertion makes this possible. When using the following code:

Find a {lb.city:Local} Store or Shop Online

a user viewing your ad in Chicago would see: “Find a Chicago Store or Shop Online.” This allows you to target a single ad to multiple markets.

AdWords has also added local business icons to Location Extensions. When configuring your local Extension, you can now select an appropriate service icon to be displayed alongside your ad. You can even upload a custom icon as a 16 x 16 .gif, .png, or .jpg file. These are the icons AdWords currently offers:

locations icons

It's never been quicker or easier to reach your target market, no matter where they happen to be. If AdWords Location Extension targeting is right for your business, contact the e-commerce professionals at Pittsburgh Internet Consulting and ask about our free $100 Google AdWords credit offer*. We look forward to expanding your online presence.

*Offer available for qualified new clients only.

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