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Should You Use Microsoft AdCenter for B2B Advertising?

PPC Marketing | 1 minute read

Microsoft AdCenter is Microsoft's Pay-Per-Click advertising platform, powering Bing & Yahoo search ads. It works very similarly to Google AdWords. A user searches for a keyword and your ad is displayed on the top and right side of the results page.

We've found great success with running AdCenter as a supplimental campaign to monthly Google AdWords campaigns for our clients. We often recommend that new clients fine tune a Google AdWords campaign, then export their successful ads and bids to AdCenter with a monthly budget of 30% of their Google AdWords budget. However, we are recommending increased spends on AdCenter as performance grows. Since January 2012 we've seen client performance increase on AdCenter. Let's look at an example.


One of our clients sells industrial-grade tools on an e-commerce site. We recommended they run Pay-Per-Click ads on both Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter. We will compare performance of both platforms for the month of May 2012. As you can see, AdCenter delivered 75% as many visits as Google's ad program, but for 40% of the costs. AdCenter outperformed Google AdWords in Pages per Visit, Time on Site, New Visits, and Bounce Rate, while Google delivered a slightly higher Click-Thru-Rate percentage. Both campaigns converted contact request goals at the same rate. AdCenter is the clear winner in this example, delivery better quality traffic at a significant cost savings for a B2B focused web business.

Summer is a great time to realign your PPC Campaign for the busy Fall season, and Pittsburgh Internet Consulting can help you take full advantage of Microsoft AdCenter.

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